Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Awakening is to embrace what is so thoroughly that there is a total disappearance of the one doing the embracing. Then there is just life occurring spontaneously in all its wonder and beauty. We are not in charge of it. We cannot make anything happen solely by our own efforts. This natural unfolding happens by grace. Absolute, involuntary surrender is the mechanism of grace arising. We learn to live by trust and intimacy with all that is, rather than by calculation, personal striving, and effort. Then all is perfect, just as it is. Nothing needs improving or changing in any way, including ourselves! Our life until this point has been one tedious self-improvement project after another. We believe that we are never O.K. exactly as we are. Resting quietly in this luminous wonder, we embrace and accept all as it is. In returning to the Source, we discover who and what we really are and always have been.

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