Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Satsang with Bart Marshall and Michael Hall

This is a link to a recording of the teaching Bart Marshall and I did at my office on June 14, 2009. This is the first time I had met Bart, and the first time I taught with someone who is awake. It was wonderful. There were moments when I heard ‘my’ words coming out of Bart’s mouth! It was all easy, effortless and enjoyable. Thank you Bart, and please come again!


Cyrus said...

I just saw your videos in youtube when you were talking about awakening, insult and being an observer of your mind and it was great. I appreciate Michael. Thank you so much. Then I wanted to download your video in but it's gone. Well if you can upload it in it'll be there for a longer period of time and many people like me would be able to download it. Please reupload it if you can.
Thank you so much

Michael Hall PhD said...
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Michael Hall PhD said...

Cyrus Thanks for bringing this outdated link to my attention. I have corrected the link on the blog. The audio is now available on my website(