Friday, September 18, 2009


DATE: September 19, 2009

SCHEDULE: 9:00 to 9:45 Meditation
                     10 to 1 PM Teaching/discussion
                     1 to 2 PM   Lunch will be provided
                     2 to 5 PM Teaching/discussion
                     5 to 5:45 PM Meditation

DONATION: $30 is suggested, which includes lunch.
LOCATION: Wisdom's Goldenrod, 5801 NYS Route 414, Hector, NY 14841

This teaching will be focused on the work of Paul Brunton(PB). For those of you who are unfamiliar with his work, PB was an English spiritual seeker of the first order. He is currently relatively underappreciated, although I believe that will soon change. PB was the first Westerner to 'discover' and bring into global awareness Ramana Maharshi after visiting Ramana in India in the 1940's. He was the author of many books on spiritual subjects. In my reading of his work, it is clear that he was awakened to the truth of his being. What was truly special about PB was his somewhat uncanny ability to articulate clearly and accurately most aspects of the true spiritual path. He brought the light of wisdom into the Western , English-speaking world at a time when it was rare, hard-to-find, and sorely needed.

It is very hard to appreciate how fortunate we all are to have had such intrepid souls blazing the trail for us to follow. Wisdoms Goldenrod assumed the enormous responsibility of editing and publishing PBs unfinished work, and has enabled his work to survive and grow in recognition. When I first began to teach at Wisdoms Goldenrod several years ago, I was privileged to be given multiple volumes in the 16 volume Collected Works of Paul Brunton. This teaching day is among other things my attempt to return this gift, and to express my gratitude and appreciation.

Like all real spiritual teaching, what is taught this day emerges spontaneously of-it's- own from the direct experience on no-mind awareness. However, it still can be helpful to have some general organizing principles, and today we will consider the seven qualities of PB's philosophic discipline as described in The Hidden Teaching Beyond Yoga. It is not necessary to read PB's work beforehand, although it might help some if you are the kind of person who enjoys reading.

There are many long-time members of Wisdoms who know far more about the works of PB than I will ever know, and I will routinely defer to them regarding factual questions about this work. However, I trust completely in Mind itself to reveal what I need to say to contribute to this discussion. I look at this day as being a wonderful opportunity to discuss and share this challenging work. I'm sure all who attend will leave with a much deeper appreciation not only of PB, but also of this Perennial Philosophy which manifests in all times and places as your very own Self.

If you would like to attend, email me. You may also check the Wisdoms Goldenrod website: Wisdoms is located in a spectacular setting on the east side of Seneca lake in the village of Hector, New York. The address is :

5801 NYS route 414
Hector, NY 14841
Phone: 607-546-777

Partial topic list from the seven qualities of the Philosophic Discipline are :

The Truth Above All.
Hold On and Hope On.
Inner Detachment.
Concentration, Calmness, and Reverie
Reason Must Master Emotion.
Give Up the Ego!

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