Saturday, May 15, 2010

Margo Ridler

Sunday May 23 at 3pm Margot Ridler will join us and share her journey of spiritual awakening. I met Margo at the TAT intensive retreat in West Virginia several weeks ago, and found her presentation to be inspiring. This talk will be an unusual opportunity to hear and experience directly someone who has emerged from a profound personal deconstruction of self-identity. I will be facilitating and participating as needed. Margot's experience is riveting and deeply authentic. We are fortunate to have her here.
Margot Ridler
Margot Ridler was a successful businesswoman and therapist when her “self,” her identity as a person, suddenly fell away.  For the next four years she wandered homeless through Mexico and Central America as she dealt with the problems and miracles of “no-self.”  Finally, in November 2009, she realized her true nature and the journey to Truth was completed.

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