Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Ego Deconstruction Process

Becoming aware of automatic reactivity

How do you know your reactions are conditioned?

               Attachment to being right or to others being wrong

               Attachment to outcomes

               Strong opinions/convictions

               Strong feelings that last more than a minute or two

               Rehashing in your mind anything that isn’t happening now

               Imagining the future

               Worry of any form-also called ‘being concerned’

Being offended, feeling betrayed, taken advantage of, hurt,   etc.

The unique importance of trauma

               Flashbacks: emotional, physical, cognitive

               Misattributing the cause of our feelings

               Left brain/right brain disconnects

               Homicidal rage

               Recognizing flashbacks in midstream

               Taking responsibility for our self

               How we feel and react is up to us

How do we begin to interrupt automatic reactivity?

               Radical self-acceptance

               Observing, recognizing, and inhibiting automatic reactions

Slipping into internal silence

Trusting the natural state

Does not lead to passivity or being victimized

               Becoming an emotional adult

               Our goal is to become an actual human being, nothing else

Without conditioned reactions, then what?

               Do you just sit and drool on yourself?

Awakened awareness moving freely through the world

    Although no one is doing no thing, free, direct action occurs spontaneously, on its own, without encumbrances

    How does this free, direct action appear to others?

    Interesting, unpredictable, powerful, effective, loving, real, and authentic

    This direct activity completely disrupts automatic, conditioned behavior in others

    Thus, it is not always appreciated

    Mostly, though, sheer playfulness and humor, which is very common, is valued by all

    Everyone benefits

    Decisions made out of this direct awareness are always ‘right’

    There is no need to ever second-guess such actions

    Second-guessing, like worry, is simply the mind’s disease

Stillness in action

    Results in peaceful, low maintenance, friendly, curious open people who are emotionally alive and virtually impossible to offend

    The result is that others feel free and accepted in the presence of this embodied no-mind

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Ben said...

This is an Awesome list Michael! It answers a question I have been pondering lately. That question is: What are all the ways I delude myself? Many are on this list. Since my Awakening experiences last year, I am now willing to see them for myself.

This is key because it is what I can see for myself right now, and the clarity of the seeing is everything! I find I lose interest in doing these things as I see them more and more.

Deep Bow In Gratitude!