Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Nonduality Magazine interview with Bart Marshall

Below is a link to an interview with Bart Marshall in the current issue of Nonduality Magazine. In this article, Bart does a great job of describing many aspects of awakening/enlightenment, and I believe it will be helpful to go over this article in detail. Our next small group discussion will be next Sunday, July 31. We will meet at 2 pm at my office for 15 minutes of silent meditation followed immediately by a discussion of this article. I have included below some questions in the form of a 'study guide' for those of you who have read the article and wish to delve more deeply into it. Space is strictly limited.

From 4-5:30 there will be a separate and different meeting, hopefully in the garden weather permitting, that will focus primarily on the experience of internal silence. If you would like to attend either of these meetings, please email me to RSVP. Tea and cookies will be provided (hopefully in the garden) between these 2 meetings.

Study Guide Questions for Discussion of
Bart Marshall’s Interview with Nonduality Magazine

  1. Why did getting blown up by a mortar shell in Vietnam help Bart?

  1. Would Bart’s realization have taken less than 37 years after his first glimpse if he had been a committed spiritual seeker?

  1. Why did Richard Rose show up in Bart’s life when he did?

  1. What happens with Realization?

  1. What does Bart mean by “desire less non-attachment”?

  1. How did Bart change with Realization?

  1. What does “dissolution” mean?
            Give contemporary examples.

  1. Is there “partial enlightenment”? How would you know?

  1. What do you think about the 10 traditional jivan mukta traits listed? Discuss the value of making lists.

  1. How do you like Bart’s answer to the high gamma wave activity question?  Discuss pros and cons.

  1. What is the value of disciplined committed spiritual practice?

  1. What does Karma have to do with awakening? How about past lives?

  1. How can you tell that someone is enlightened? Why would you care?

  1. What’s up with the Buffalo’s tail? Write your own verse to express your understanding of this Koan about the buffalo that, in coming and going, never left home (Mumonkan Case 38).

  1.  What is a “fall from grace”?
Who fell?
Extra Credit: Did he fall: 1) up 2) down  3)sideways  4) into outer space  5) all of the above.

  1. What happens after Realization? Where do you go? Who goes there?

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