Thursday, December 20, 2012

Embracing the Heart - Enlightening the Mind Integrated Meditation

 Facilitator: Dr. Michael Hall & Ping Zhen Cheng, adviser & founder for "Enlightenment Living"&Taichizen International.

Joining me for a joint presentation will be Ping Zhen Cheng. Ping joined Margot Ridler and I in a joint presentation earlier this fall, and I am looking forward to hearing from him again before his return to China. We are fortunate to have this unusual opportunity to learn from a teacher who is very highly regarded in China and by his many students in the US. As noted below, Ping is also making himself available for individual holistic health consultations in Binghamton next Friday through the following Monday. 
Engaging the world around us with courage and wisdom during an age of turmoil is the core component of healthy and enlightened living.  The need to balance the intuition and intellect in order to walk our blessed journey can only be accomplished through the unification of the heart and mind.

In this practical workshop, Ping will be guiding participants through a step by step meridian-chakra-energy alignment to achieve inner harmony.  This practice is a synthesis of traditional Eastern meditation healing work & transpersonal hypnotherapy. 

Dr. Hall & Ping will also lead a comparative discussion between Zen, Tibetan, Yogic, Taoist paths, & psychotherapy. Beginners and advanced meditation practitioners are welcome.  Please bring a pillow and blanket to use during the various meditation practices.

Ping Zhen Cheng will also be available for Holistic health consultations which combine traditional Chinese & Tibetan energy work and guided meditation.  Available by appointment at: in Binghamton between 12/14-17.

Ping Zhen Cheng

Director of Enlightenment Studies
Taichizen International
Buddhist Transpersonal Hypnotherapy

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