Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Freeing the Dragon!

Satsang with Michael Hall and Margot Ridler in Gaucin, Spain

                         Awakening, relationships, money and their integration

Friday 28th February at 7pm
Casa de los Pavos Reales, Almunia, Gaucin.
Michael Hall, PhD has been a clinical psychologist and full-time psychotherapist for over 35 years. In the past 11 years he has learned to apply the perspective and realizations that arise from the clear seeing of what is real to the problems of daily life. This perspective is shared on his blog: awakentotruth.blogspot.com and video site: http://vimeo.com/michaelhallphd.
Margot Ridler worked for many years as a successful therapist using a technique known as "Family Constellation". One day in December 2005 with no previous history of spiritual seeking her sense of personal self and identity began to fall away. Margot found that with the clear seeing and insights revealed to her through this awakening process she could no longer continue with her work and life as it was. She spent the next four years assimilating this experience.
Margot speaks clearly about her own enlightenment or awakening experience and is also quick to point out what enlightenment is not. Margot shows how the programming and concepts can begin to be released or unplugged, leading the way to program free living. Margot's website is: www.thegreatestlieeverbelieved.com.

Michael and Margot will talk about the integration of abiding nondual awareness into ordinary life, with emphasis on practical matters like relationships and how unconscious, automatic assumptions and conditioned beliefs continue in many areas of life after even deep self realization. The idea, unfortunately common in nondual circles, that there is nothing to do and no one to do anything, is not helpful in functional living or the continuing disappearance of conditioned, unconscious beliefs and behavior. In becoming who and what we really are instead of what we have been programmed to believe we are, the original mind is liberated to move freely in the world through our own unique form. 
We will also discuss the particular use of family constellation work, as originally developed by Bert Hellinger, in identifying and releasing conditioned reactions and liberating energy trapped in familial dysfunctions. Come have fun with us and see what emerges as we open ourselves to the mysterious wonder of presence as it is revealed in this moment.

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