Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Short Path to Enlightenment: Instructions for Immediate Awakening by Paul Brunton

Next Sunday August 10 we will meet at my office at 2pm for 15 minutes of silent meditation followed by a discussion of the new book compiled by Mark Scorelle and Jeff Cox: The Short Path to Enlightenment: Instructions for Immediate Awakening by Paul Brunton. The link below is to the Amazon page describing the book. Adyashanti says "Read this book as you would a scripture or a sutra". From Gangaji "This book is alive with supreme knowledge".

Mark Scorelle will join me to discuss passages from the book and our reactions to this series of excerpts and comments by the sage Paul Brunton. The second link below is to a discussion that Mark and Jeff Cox had with Jerry Katz of Nonduality Talk in Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

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