Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Constellation Work

See below for an invitation from Margot Ridler to experience constellation work. Margot will be in the area for another 6 weeks or so, so if you are interested in exploring this work, consider attending.  I have found constellation work to be extremely interesting and powerful. It definitely provides an additional and helpful perspective for understanding the origin and assisting in the alleviation of emotional difficulties.  Michael

Constellation Work and Releasing Binding Vasanas
Vasanas is a Vedic term for what we call programming, relating to the many ways in which our automatic, habitual, and unconscious beliefs, thoughts, and feelings keep us trapped from knowing who we really are and living truly free in life.

If you seek spiritual awakening or enlightenment, your present-day challenges and difficulties are often a direct pointer to unresolved issues in either your own life or your family system to which you are linked via your birth. The various issues you are dealing with reflect the Vasana load you are carrying. Living truly free in life, as well as fully embodied spiritual awakening rest upon the complete release of all Vasanas. 

Our ordinary thinking mind is a very limited tool to utilize when it comes to releasing Vasanas. Getting in touch with no-mind - the all-encompassing, limitless Knowing Field - allows the actual source of our challenges to be brought to light so that true healing and release can be made possible. For instance:
A couple's relationship problems might be connected to a miscarried child they never grieved.
Life threatening illnesses and reckless behaviors could be tied to an unconscious wish to die.
Feelings of guilt might be linked to our ancestors who abused and exploited other people. 
Children acting out could reveal the disrespect and anger parents feel for one another.
Chronic anxiety might be connected to aborting one's child many years ago. 
....the list of these kinds of unconscious connections is endless.

Constellation Work is an amazing tool to quickly reveal the source of Vasanas, facilitating a lasting release, whereby habitual ways of thinking, feeling and acting may vanish miraculously. Often people are immediately freed from their previous challenges, thereby allowing them to live more freely in their lives.  

It is my pleasure to offer you the opportunity Sunday July 19 to participate in the magic of constellation work. We have extremely limited seating. Please reserve your space early. 

We will have time for four people to set up a constellation. If you are interested in a personal constellation set up, please reserve your space by emailing me and letting me know. Thanks.

Date: Sunday July 19, 2015
Time: 1 - 6 pm

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