Thursday, January 12, 2017

Hail to the Chief?

I was beginning to wonder if Donald Trump was an agent of the KGB (FSB), given his penchant to rationalize the Russians’ successful attempt to undermine our presidential election, his massive denial of the profusely documented Russian invasion of the Ukraine, and his love affair with Vladimir Putin. The Russians, who are still fighting the Cold War while we blithely pretend it is over, look for weak leaders they can easily control. Trump fills the bill perfectly. Therefore, KGB General and Russian leader Vladimir Putin did his best to make certain Trump won the presidency. He succeeded beyond his wildest dreams. Putin knew Russian spy agencies would have no ability to manage Hillary Clinton. If you were a spy working for the FSB, who would you rather have as US president? As a Russian intelligence agent, would you prefer someone you absolutely know from 30 years of experience to be an extremely tough nut like our former Secretary of State, or a loose cannon screwball know nothing like our new president? Putin has known for a long time that all that he must do is praise Trump and he becomes mush-putty in the hands of the master manipulators of the Russian spy service.    
 However, given the new revelations of the secret and explosive dossier the Russians compiled on Trump, there is no doubt that Trump is merely a dupe, an unwitting agent of the Russians- not an actual operative. It now appears the Russians have compiled enough damning information on Trump to insure he will continue to comply with their foreign policy objectives. 

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