Sunday, April 2, 2017

Public person site on Facebook

After much encouragement from a few friends, I have decided to activate a "public person" account on Facebook, which can be accessed here: This Facebook page as well as the blog you are currently reading will be where I announce upcoming talks as well as other teaching activities. My website: has been neglected almost from birth. I will be taking it down in the near future for a complete update and revision. I have posted an edited version of my talk in Binghamton on February 28, 2017 to the Facebook page. When this talk was streamed live on Facebook, the audio was minimally adequate and required too much of listeners. Since then I have upgraded my video cam and installed a much improved sound card in the office computer I used. Based on a few test calls, I believe future Facebook streaming talks from Binghamton will be much improved from a technical perspective. Interestingly, it was relatively easy to greatly improve the audio quality of the recorded talk using Final Cut Pro, which Margot Ridler: is laboriously teaching me. She learned it in the same manner from old friend Richard Miller: Thanks Margot and Richard!

I particularly want to thank Matt La Barre: Katie Edwards Corbin: for encouraging me to make this work more widely available. Many people locally in the Binghamton/Ithaca, New York area, as well as around the United States and Europe have expressed interest for years in being able to access these talks either live or after the fact via video streaming. While I was working in my psychotherapy practice on a full time basis, it was practically impossible to accommodate these requests. Now that my workload has been substantially reduced, I would like to make current and past talks available to whomever is interested. This will take some time and is a labor intensive project. Currently, it is possible to see a few previous talks of mine and several other teachers on my Vimeo page: to everyone who has contributed to this emergence in ways seen and unseen. God bless us all everyone!

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