Thursday, November 26, 2009

Audio Recordings Available for Download

 Below are audio recordings of recent talks I have given. They are also available on my website. Many thanks to Steven Kraft and Mark Scorelle for helping me with this project. The audio files open easily with Fire Fox, Google, or Safari, but not with Internet Explorer. We are working on this issue. We are also still working on improving the audio quality, especially the Raleigh talk, although it's not bad as is. Feedback and comments are more than welcome.

Opening Talk Nov 2009 Retreat: the ego, it's purpose and structure

Michael and Bart Marshall Teaching in Binghamton June 2009   105 min
Michael Wisdoms Goldenrod Teaching Day Morning  September 2009    95 min
Opening Talk June 2009 Retreat
These and other recordings are available at:

Michael Satsang July 2009    101 min

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