Thursday, November 26, 2009

Gratitude at Thanksgiving

This seems like an ideal time to step back and give thanks for all the help I receive in providing this teaching. I am deeply grateful to Mary Lou Herrick who has been closely involved with every detail of my as yet unpublished book since I started writing it 2 ½ years ago. In the process I have become a much better writer, although the more I write the more appreciation develops for those who are truly good at it. Mary Lou is a gifted poet as well as editor. Karen Madsen has managed all but one of my silent retreats, and has worked closely with me on all aspects including publicity, student contact, and on-site management. Karen also designed and developed my website. She has excellent judgment, and is developing into a gifted teacher herself. Mark Scorelle has been a dependable and consistent source of support and encouragement. For a long time his willingness to record my talks was the only reason such recordings now exist. He has recently taught me how to do my own recordings, and how to improve them using Adobe Audition software. He is remarkably patient and kind. Elliot Sullivan, who aspires to be the first enlightened stand-up comic, has provided invaluable, knowledgeable, and skilled help in editing and publishing my book and other educational materials. Steven Kraft is teaching me how to upload the audios to FileZilla and from there to get them onto my website and blog. None of this kind of work is easy for me, and I deeply appreciate those who help teach me. Gaye King managed the one retreat Karen couldn't attend, and made it effortless for me. She is developing into an inspiring teacher of energetic healing. There are many others who have helped in the past and present, too many to list now. Suffice it to say that any worthwhile endeavor is truly a group effort. It not only takes a village to raise a loving child, but also to provide this teaching to those who seek it.

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