Wednesday, March 2, 2011

You are cordially invited to two new talks with Margot Ridler

It has been 15 months since the final seeing through the veil happened November 2009. A great deepening has ensued since then so that Life is understood much more distinctly as to what it truly is. When I was invited to speak in the Binghamton and Ithaca area in May of last year, I was a total novice at this. Did the best I could at the time, from how things were understood. Everything considered, the explanations that were given were pretty good. But almost a year has passed since then and a lot has become much clearer and continues to with each passing day.

Topics of 1st talk:
What really is a Human Being? (This answer will be very shocking to you!)
What is Life? (The new presentation will make this absolutely clear!)
How can the most be made out of Life?
What are difficulties and how to best deal with them?
What is death? Do we need to fear it?
Why search for something higher like God, a spiritual life, a higher way of being. Is there merit to it? Do these really exist?

Topics of 2nd talk
How to truly understand life, ourselves, other people and all life situations - presented with lots of examples and personal anecdotes to hopefully assist you in living life to the fullest in each moment. Plus, questions that were submitted during the week as applicable and useful will be addressed. No one is obliged to come to the second talk. But you only can come if you participated in the first one as the second talk builds on the first one as a basis for understanding.

Purpose: This new and updated information, along with the new visuals, are one of the clearest explanations of truth –what life is really all about – to show mind how inconsequential it really is and how life works perfectly without it. There is a good chance that the presented info will facilitate a seeing through the veil rather quickly, if not immediately. Two people ‘woke up’ already from the few talks I gave last year with my somewhat limited understanding. This new info should do the trick even better. Maybe you feel moved to come. It would be lovely to see you and share this with you.

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