Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Margot Ridler Talk Sunday March 13

Here is what we will discuss/talk about this Sunday, March 13:

The first part will consist of me giving you more examples of the difference between 'crawling' and 'walking' so that you can really understand how tricky the distinction is. And why, therefore, it is not so easy to give a simple formula of how to get you from 'here' to 'there'. When you don't know where 'here' really is and can't really recognize its signposts and bells and whistles, there is no way you can ever get to 'there'. You gotta know your 'enemy' in order to devise a plan of action to defeat him/her. But your 'enemy' is also your most treasured 'possession' - it's your sense of "I". Can you see what you are up against...?

For the second part, there is the thought of doing a joint teaching with Michael. I had asked him if he would be open to that and he said yes. He is really good with giving advice for every-day problems, so we shall see what wants to emerge from the two of us to help you with very practical suggestions.

The one thing I know that works for sure in every case - is intent. If you truly want to see through the veil to what is real and true, begin wanting it more than anything. Beware: safety, security, people, money, success, a good life, etc. none can have more weight than truth. You can start with little things - when you are afraid, worried, judgmental, etc. ask to see what is real and true. Ask to see through those automatic strings that run on their own which you think are yours, or are you. Begin to ask to see truth in all aspects of your life - and be honest with yourself to make sure you really want to see. I say this as a word of caution because often, the truth is not pretty and nice and sweet. What you will most likely be shown will be the not so pretty and nice and sweet aspects of yourself and you will begin to see how your automatic thoughts and programs and ideas are contributing to much strive and difficulty in your life.

Margot Ridler

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