Thursday, April 7, 2011

You are cordially invited to a new talk with Margot Ridler

Would like to offer one more talk before I leave the Binghamton area. Will leave at the end of this month and at this time, am not sure if or when I will return. It has been 18 months since the final seeing through the veil happened November 2009. A great deepening has ensued since then. Life is understood much more distinctly as to what it truly is. When I was invited to speak in the Binghamton and Ithaca area in May 2010, I was a total novice at this. Did the best I could from how things were understood then. Everything considered, the explanations that were given were pretty good. But a lot has become so much clearer and there is a wish to share this new knowledge with you. Had offered two talks in March which were received very, very well. Due to the weather, several people could not make it and that is the reason why I am offering another talk Sunday, April 17. Below are links to two YouTube clips that were produced from the talk given on the first Sunday. It will give you an idea of what I will be sharing. If you feel moved to join us, it will be a pleasure to have you.

1. Awake Versus Not-Awake:

2. Nose Dive Back Into Unconsciousness:

Topics of talk: What really is a Human Being? What really are difficulties? What is seeking all about? Is there such a thing as God, a spiritual life, a higher way of being? How to truly understand life, ourselves, other people and all life situations? Will present lots of examples and personal anecdotes to hopefully get the message to where it counts.

Purpose: This new and updated information, along with the new visuals, are one of the clearest explanations of truth –what life is really all about– that can be easily assimilated because mind may be completely bypassed. There is a good chance that the presented info will facilitate a seeing through the veil rather quickly, if not immediately. Two people ‘woke up’ already from the few talks I gave last year with my somewhat limited understanding. This new info should do the trick even better.

* When I first began speaking about my process and what life is really all about - which is seen when the veil lifts (although such a veil is never really there – darned paradox!), it was clear that I could not charge for talking. For one, it was seen that there was no person there, only Life flowing freely through this body. Of course, this is how it is for everyone, all the time - except generally this is not known or experienced. Secondly, how can I charge for something that requires no effort and happens spontaneously and completely on its own? Everything that comes from this body is like a gift continually pouring forth, how can a price tag be placed on it? If so, how much? How does one even evaluate what it is worth? Those who have come to realize the truth say it is the most treasurable and priceless thing and no one would want to trade it for anything in the world. So, how much? Impossible question. It can’t be answered. To me it was the same as if a tree was asking the birds for money for nesting in its branches. Or flowers asking the bees to pay for the nectar they were extracting. Or mothers asking to be paid for the milk they are producing for their infants. We say to these examples: "how absurd" and yet, we are so used to placing price tags on everything, all day long, every day, that we do not question its use or validity. There is always, only, Life doing Its thing, may it be through a tree, a flower or a human being. Yet, ‘we’ claim everything to be ‘ours’, ‘our’ doing, ‘our’ creativity, ‘our’ whatever. But in truth, there is no ‘mine’ or ‘our’, ever. This distinction only exists in the mind. It took many months to sink in that Life manifests in this strange way right now, where It charges money for what It does. Since my professional background for 15 years has been helping people live better lives - and that is still what I am doing today - even though it seems very strange, will charge a fee from now on like all professionals in the Western market place who are giving of their time, expertise, wisdom and knowledge.

Look forward to maybe seeing you April 17th.

Warmest regards,

Margot Ridler

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