Sunday, July 17, 2016

Don't Know Mind

Sunday July 24 we will meet at my office in Binghamton at 2 pm for 15 minutes of silent meditation followed by a discussion of “not knowing”. In the primordial field of raw presence, only this. Seeing everything exactly as it is, without adornment, judgment, evaluation or anything that the mind can take hold of. The mind that knows is certain, seemingly secure, defensive. The knowing mind is  closed. It already knows, so it must defend what it knows. The unknown is a threat, since it could easily upend and deconstruct what is known. Learning to dwell continuously in the not knowing is the essence of enlightenment.  Since we know that enlightenment is our birthright and our true nature, what prevents the direct recognition of what is already here? Our attachment to our knowing is the root problem. What do we know for sure? Nothing, really. What we think we know merely creates resistance to what actually is. Yet there is a way of knowing directly and for certain that is always accessible. This direct knowing is the natural expression of the mind that is open, present, and quite-noiseless.

If you are interested in attending the talk this Sunday, please RSVP as space is limited. 

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