Sunday, July 31, 2016

Opening to Grace

Sunday August 7 we will meet at my office in Binghamton at 2 pm for 15 minutes of silent meditation followed by a discussion of opening to grace. What does it mean to be open to grace? Those who have awakened to their true nature recognize the power and importance of grace. Although it is important and necessary to make our own best efforts, in spiritual awakening the final step is taken by God, as David Hawkins once said. However, we can become more amenable to the workings of grace. In this talk, we will discuss specific ways of approaching life that appear to facilitate our ability and willingness to surrender to grace. We can learn to recognize the actions of the divine in our life and learn to trust and let go of our fears and notions of how life should be. This understanding leads to a gradual and progressive recognition of how limited our beliefs and perceptions are. As we learn to recognize the action of grace in our life, it becomes easier to let go of rigid and defensive beliefs and the need to be right. We lose interest in judging our self and others. Life becomes easier, more natural, with effortless and effective words and actions occurring spontaneously.
This will be the last meeting of the summer. Our next meeting will be in mid-September. If you are interested in attending the talk this Sunday, please RSVP as space is limited. 

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