Sunday, March 28, 2021

Discussion of The Triune Self (2018) by Mike Snider

Sunday, March 28 Lenny Silver and I led a talk/discussion of Mike Snider's book The Triune Self (2018).  Here is a link to the talk:   

Here is a link to the book: Here is a description form Amazon's product page: "The Triune Self contains the true account of Mike Snider’s cataclysmic spiritual awakening, and his own view that emerged as a result of it. He's not parroting anyone. His story is about a country boy raised in the Bible belt who was called from a very early age to find God. Mike was tortured and beaten up by a relentless drive to know God—an obsession that had plagued him since childhood. His innermost desire was always to somehow arrive at Truth—the singular and irrefutable essence and quintessence that pervades the universe. This book is about that authentic rocky journey—the honest and earnest sojourn of a man who wouldn’t quit until his heart’s desire was fulfilled. This book is not spiritual champagne. It’s more like drinking moonshine straight out of a car radiator. Mike has no patience for religious dogma or spiritual fluff, and his story and message are both disturbing and liberating. It is not a message for those who are merely curious about spiritual matters. This book is about one man’s desperate drive to SEE at all costs. Mike is a voice in the wilderness calling you Home."

I have heard Mike speak several times and have known him to be a profoundly powerful speaker as well as incredibly funny. Mike is a multi-talented man. He is a member of the Grand Ole Opry and was a regular performer on the Hew Haw for many years. He is a phenomenal banjo player and a gifted comedian. Here is an example of a comedy routine: Here is a link to a two-hour podcast with Mike that was the trigger for writing his book:

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