Tuesday, April 6, 2021

April 11 discussion of Finding Peace Everywhere: How Presence, Surrender and Inquiry Changed My Life (2021) by Trey Carland

"In 2007, Trey co-founded the Asheville Sangha online community and began hosting weekly Awakening Support Group meetings (which continue to this day). In 2017, he started his own meditation-based hiking tour business, Zen Mountain Tours, as a way to help others find the peace they seek. You can learn more about Trey’s journey on his website - http://www.treycarland.com.

Trey Carland has been actively on a spiritual journey since 2005. After several awakening experiences, he became passionate about sharing these insights with the world.
From the Amazon description: "My hope is that readers who are looking for peace, and ultimately awakening, will find these words helpful and be guided to look for the Truth with their own direct experience. Following along vicariously with this Trey character’s path could very well assist the awakening of consciousness in “you.” Much of the writing has to do with how Trey’s deepening clarity positively impacted the story. But, in the end, it’s still just a story 🙂." Over the past year of COVID lockdown I've been able to participate in Trey's weekly Awakening Group on ZOOM and we have become good friends. I was delighted to write the forward to Trey's book. Here is an excerpt:
"I personally benefitted from this deep inner questioning. Here are some questions from the book that will give you a sense of this intensive self inquiry process:
Inquiring into the Senses
“First, we will inquire into the senses. After reading each of these questions, repeat them over and over again a few times (out loud or in your mind) and direct attention to where they are pointing.
What is looking through these eyes?
What is aware of what’s being seen?
What is aware that seeing is happening?
Is what I’m seeing being seen from behind my eyes, or is it being seen where it is?”
There are many other examples of this intimate and incisive approach to self-inquiry provided in the book, and this material by itself is well worth the cost and effort involved in reading the book."
Finding Peace Everywhere: How Presence, Surrender and Inquiry Changed My Life

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